Readipop Studios Presents The Festival Of Noise 1st November 2014 @readipop

The Festival Of Noise

Readipop Studios have a festival happening on the 1st November 2014 at the studio with mini events involved in the whole thing.

Make Some Noise – Noisy workshops & sonic experiences for the family

Saturday 1st November | 10.30AM – 3PM 
Readipop Studios | £6 adults £3 children

Who are Readipop ?

Readipop is a music & arts charity based in Reading with a strong reputation for delivering innovative and engaging arts projects.

Where ?

Address – Readipop Studios, Reading, Berkshire, RG1 8LG,

Telephone – 01189 387 156

Email –

Website –

Twitter – @readipop

Mini Events

The mini events happening at the festival of noise include the following more information contaned at the Readipop studios website.

DADDY’S DRUM CLUB | 10.30AM – 11.15AM

A bashin’ and boomin’ bonding session ideal for dads (or mums!) and their little tearaways aged five and under; join us for 45 minutes of pure bonkersness based around simple, fun games and nursery rhymes. All drums provided. Session led by Readipop director, Beatroots Bateria leader & dad Gavin Lombos.


Say “Boots”, say “Cats”. Now repeat “Boots, Cats, Boots, Cats” – hey you’re a beatboxer! Join this fun session to build your skills.


HOOONK! Goes the Squonky. A what? A Squonky is a fabulous sax-like instrument made from recycled materials. The Readipop team is well versed in Squonky production from years of running Junk Funk workshops with children at WOMAD. Materials provided.

GLITCH JAM | 1.30 – 2.30PM

Make some electronic noises using our collection of iPad apps, Kaoss pads & noise toys. Plug in and play!

Sonic Laboratory experiment #3 – Torture Rooms

Music as torture is a controversial subject. A competition/experiment using 3 tracks from the CIA’s top 10 torture music tracks. See how long you can last with some of the most annoying and intense music specially selected for your listening displeasure! Chose a torture room and we will time your visit. The longest time wins a prize!

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