My Special Websites

My Special Websites

You may have asked me to blog about you, your business or your event for this site but before I start I always think to my self where will this information be most valuable. I have many sites covering a range of topics with certain visitor types. Any article published by me will go on the most relevant place and then be shared on all relevant social media channels for maximum exposure.

If articles are going on 2 or more sites these have to be re written as we have a policy of not publishing duplicate content on any site. We always add or own spin and extra information to do this. If content you send us is published elsewhere let us know so we can make it unique, If content is only for our site please also inform us so can be fast tracked for immediate publishing.


The List

All websites and blogs we have access to publish relevant information on are listed below.

Gloucestershire Only

In Gloucestershire – A business, events and activities directory for all things Gloucestershire. Currently undergoing a major face lift as improvements are needed. Visit In Gloucestershire…

Forest of Dean Guide – My guide to the Forest of Dean, this website includes a comprehensive guide off all aspects off “The Forest Of Dean”.  Visit Forest of Dean Guide…

About The Cotswolds – My Cotswold Visitor Guide.

In & Near Cheltenham – Cheltenham Visitor & Cheltenham Tourist Guide.

Gloucester Visitor Guide – A joint website developed with the team from the Edward Hotel In Gloucester . GVG…

Other Towns

These guides cover other towns throughout the UK and are town or place guides.

In & Near All Places – Our main UK business directory, the hub of our network.

Bristol Guide – Our Newest town guide for Bristol as we get loads of Bristol related content sent to us.

Derby Guide – A neglected newish WordPress site that will get some loving when we get our first suitable Derbyshire posts.

Niche Topics

Web Site Promotions – A site I acquired and publish articles about all aspects of business promotion that I wish to share, a guy doesn’t share all his secrets but it is good to share some.


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