Keep Hens or Chickens In Your Garden

Are you considering to most common after vegetable gardening good life experience for UK hopefuls. We are creating this page firstly to merge and tidy many other related articles with the final intention of this becoming a resource full of useful information for the beginner with links to much useful content.

Chicken Sheds

hen house
hen house

Buying Chicken Sheds in the UK, typically hen houses come in 2 options;

  • Metal Sheds
  • Wood Chicken Sheds

Chicken Runs

Chickens are happiest roaming free and love daily exercise and freedom so another thing to buy a chicken run. These come made of 2 materials Metal Chicken Runs – Wood Chicken Runs –

Feeding Your Chicken

As with all living things water and food are essential the below details things to consider for feeding hens.

Buy Chicken Feed UK

Chicken Food Suppliers

Chicken Feeders

You will need to buy Chicken Feeders one option is Metal Chicken Feeders

Guide For Those Interested In Keeping Chicken Or Other Poultry

Hen Houses by Future Rooms In Gloucester, Gloucestershire

Hen Houses by Future Rooms in Gloucester, Gloucestershire  has created a range of high quality and exceptional value chicken houses and coops.
With a range of eight different models, there is a great choice. We also offer different levels of specification and finish so you can have a chicken house to suit your garden and your budget.

All of our chicken and hen house models can be adapted to suit your exact needs. Hen Houses is part of the Future Rooms group, building a range of beautiful timber garden rooms and structures. We are based in the South West but can supply and deliver our hen and chicken houses to anywhere in the UK.


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