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Welcome to Use Your Garden our UK Gardening Guide. Use this site to get inspiration for all aspects of using your garden. Your English country garden or city garden can be used for a multitude of functions, we hope to inspire you.

New Feature – Add Garden Companies For Free

As a new feature any garden related business is encouraged to add their company details as well as products and promotions for our audience to enjoy.


Contribute To Use Your Garden – We are always looking for contributors to our gardening guide, if you help us we can send traffic back to your gardening social media channel.

Use Your Garden Sections

Below is a summary of the key sections of our gardening website and blog.

Garden Centres

This section of “Use Your Garden” is a directory of UK garden centres including national brands(Including B&Q) to local independent garden centres, such as “Evergreen Nurseries Gloucester” We hope you find the best garden centre for you.

Find A Local Garden Centre…

All About Gardening

The all about gardening section of this website is just as it says. A complete knowledge-base about how best to use, plant and maintain your garden.

Trees, Shrubs & Flowers

Our encyclopedia of plants as we photo them, looking forward to spring to get this project launched.

Trees, Shrubs & Flowers…

Garden Furniture

Our site aims to introduce you to the best and most unique garden furniture items, from seats to pergolas.

Garden Furniture Section…

Garden Offices

A garden office is a wonderful way of using and enjoying your garden. Where better to enjoy work than in a bespoke garden office. Working not far from home, but not actually in your home.

All about garden offices/rooms…

Vegetable Gardens

Our findings in all aspects of vegetable plots and growing your own food.

Vegetable Gardening Section…

Landscape Gardeners

The section on landscape gardening is contributed to by Lee Williams a Cheltenham Landscaping Company Owner.

Local Landscape Gardeners…


As we are given gardening advice we will be posting in or new gardening advice blog. Currently being started.

Gardening Advice Section…

Online Garden Supplies

As we find quality suppliers of plants, accessories and tools for your garden we will be listing them here on our garden supplies section.


Free Garden Related Business Adverts

To add a garden business to this website for free and also to any relevant local business guides please use the add company form, this is fully moderated to prevent spam and irrelevant companies appearing on our guide.

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About Contributing

“Use Your Garden” aims to be a useful resource for the everyday gardener/garden owner, this is essentially for gardening news and articles. Also a place for me to post garden and plant photos that may interest you.

ContributingIf you have any garden related articles you would like to include on this guide please email me Ideally we would love to add gardeners work or work in progress photos to this blog, all contributions will be shared across many social networks and of course if its your garden work so we can include your contact details or website if you have one.

Featured Posts

This page will contain links to the best posts in our opinion, some posts get old or in popular categories so are difficult to find.

Top Posts

Vegetable gardening, growing purple majesty potatoes. Purple Majesty…
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