Coming Soon Blog Topics for 2015

Coming Soon Blog Topics for 2015

The InAndNear blog hopes to continue to grow along side its more local specific sister sites. 2014 was a good year and have got the plan down to make this site more successful for us and obviously for you.

InAndNear Currently Offers

The site currently offers;

  • Free adverts for UK companies and organisations. Add Now…
  • Free adverts on relevant local sub sites.
  • Blog posts for events, news and product launches on most relevant blog to ensure maximum interest from our visitors.
  • Social sharing, we have a few established twitter accounts, Facebook and Pinterest, we share company adverts and blog posts on relevant accounts ensuring not to spam.

Coming In 2015

We aim to provide or improve the following on our websites;

  • Make all mobile friendly for ease of use.
  • New camera and tablet for instant photos
  • Drone with camera & spare batteries for unique videos for site.
  • Create a diary like events calendar.
  • Create more local specific sites.
  • Make posting articles and press releases easier and better.
  • Increase presence in other social networks.
  • Travel to more UK events.
  • Connect with some good guest bloggers.
  • Complete or delete incomplete content.
  • Research a premium service for us to provide maybe, this may become standard.
  • Re-brand network including logos.
  • Create a members hashtag


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