Clothing For Male Entertainers Including Magicians

In the world of the male professional entertainer clothing is very important.  It sets the mood, creates a professional image and in some cases, such as a fire eater, can also be made of fire resistant materials to act as a safety measure.

Some of the most beautiful clothing for entertainers can be found in Las Vegas.  Some highest paid acts in the world are magicians.

Acts Like David Copperfield or Criss Angel spend thousands of pounds on clothing for their staff and assistants.  The magicians themselves have a varied and unusual dress code.  Most people expect to see a magician wear a suit and bow tie but the top magicians on occasions dress in jeans and T Shirts but these are sometimes made of satin or silk so they do not look too casual.

Magician Formal Dress Shirt Black
Magician Formal Dress Shirt Black

History Of Magicians Clothing

Up until the 18th century magicians wore capes and robes to help hide their secrets but all this changed when Jean Robert-Houdin did away with all the robes and performed in an evening suit.  He was known as the magician of modern day magic. These days magicians use poetic licence to wear pretty much whatever they wish.  Modern day illusionist like David Blaine often perform in just a T Shirt to suggest they are not hiding anything.

Most wedding or party entertains that are hired to perform close up magic generally chose clothing that is not too wild or unsuitable for the environment they have been hired to work.  Usually they will wear a suit but with no tie.  Some wear their shirt open neck while others try and find another alternative neck wear to the customary bow tie.

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