Used Stamps For Charity

Used Stamps For Charity
Used Stamps For Charity

Used Postage Stamps For Charity (UK)

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Millions of people, young and old, are stamp collectors (philatelists), and philately is an educational and fun hobby.
Couple this with helping charities as well, keeping stamps out of landfill, and instead recycling stamps to collectors!!!!!
This is a webpage listing charities in the UK which collect used postage stamps to raise money for charity. Charities find used stamps, which they then sort, and sell on to collectors and philatelists, an excellent source of extra income, and you are helping save the environment and reduce waste by not binning them! What could be better?
Whether your stamps are recent or old, common or rare, wherever they come from across the world, every stamp can be saved!
The charities/ volunteers listed below collect used postage stamps for charities. Please send your used stamps to any of them, all donations of stamps will be most gratefully received!
Contact us to add your charity to the directory list (make sure that you contact us from time to time to update the “address last confirmed” date. )

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