Spitting Pig Lanarkshire

Spitting Pig Lanarkshire
Spitting Pig Lanarkshire

At Hog Roast Lanarkshire we know that every party or event is different. Not everyone wants to serve the same type of food, which is why we provide you with a wide choice of dishes and serving methods.

We will spit roast or barbecue practically any meat for you. A row of turkeys, beef joints, lamb, gammon or chickens roasting in front of your guests will impress them as much as a full hog roast would.

To make sure that everyone’s tastes and dietary needs are catered for we also provide a wide range of side dishes. On our menu, you will find many different types of finger foods, desserts, salads, steamed vegetables, potato dishes, sauces, stuffing and gravies.

205 High Street, Newarthill
North Lanarkshire
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