Hog Roast Derby

Hog Roast Derby
Hog Roast Derby

Whether you’re planning a private party, a wedding or even a corporate event. Providing your guests with lovely food is easy part, all you have to do is simply hire the Hog Roast Derby team who will take care of everything . Their team of professional chefs make catering for hundreds of guests or even just a handful of people easy and hassle free (for you at least). All that’s left for you to do is choose the food from a range of menus and let them do the rest on the day. This means that it is you that decides what type of food your guests are served, so it is easy to make sure that everyone goes home full and happy. From a range of roasted meats including pig, sheep, beef and chicken, along with other dishes which are sure to delight all of your guests.

52 Wolfa Street
DE22 3SD
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